Dan Flynn

"Dan Flynn remains one of Australian music's great quiet achievers, an earnest folkie with genuine pop smarts", Jeff Jenkins (ABC, 3RRR)    


Dan Flynn is a Melbourne-based songwriter and producer who has been recording and releasing music under various guises since 2003.


He flies under the radar most of the time, popping up every couple of years with a new album. He's done some touring, played a couple of festivals, he even won a songwriting competition, but generally keeps to himself. Songwriting and recording is what he loves best. He plays guitar, tinkers with drum machines and synths and tries to play the piano. He's also lucky enough to be married to his muse, someone who definitely fits Cat Stevens' description of a 'hard-headed women, one who'll make me do my best'.

Dan has just finished his tenth album Welcome to the Making of the World with producer Greg J Walker (Paul Kelly. CW Stoneking) and we think it's his finest work to date. 

Official release date is October 9th 2020.


Dan's journey began with an EP in 2003 with folk/rock band Sleeping Pilot, which was followed by an album in 2005. In 2006 Dan went solo and over the next five years released three celebrated folk albums under the moniker Major Chord.

Self titled (2007) The Rabbit Hole (2009) and Psychic Civil War (2011).


Psychic Civil War is the kind of album that you'd expect from an international touring artist of note, not from a gentle, bearded fellow from Reservoir. A truly significant release’

(Beat Magazine)

In 2011 Dan formed a band and together they recorded 'Transition' (2013), still under the Major Chord moniker, then morphing into Dan Flynn and The State of Things for their album 'Preparing for Flight' (2015).

'There are certain, rare records that it’s genuinely difficult to imagine someone not liking. This is one. The fourth LP [Transition] from Melbourne’s Major Chord is a striking and undeniably beautiful work'

Myke Bartlett (The Weekly Review)


Then in 2017 Dan went solo (again!) and self- produced the more electronic and experimental album, Ghost Melodies, in his home studio in Melbourne. 

'Ghost Melodies is a thriving solo album and one Flynn should feel exceptionally proud to have brought into being'

Cyclic Defrost


In between all this he released two albums as folk/noise duo Children of the Wave with co-conspirator Mark Raynor.


Nice things people have written about Dan over the years:

‘…Instantly and heart-warmingly appealing. Singer-songwriter/guitarist Dan Flynn weaves an undeniable magic…Major Chord is as delightfully soothing as it is surprising.’ 

Justin Grey (Time Off) 

‘…Flynn’s musical artistry and story telling prowess is sure to inspire and delight. Katheryn Mahina- THEDWARF.COM.AU


‘Psychic Civil War is an eloquent album that showcases Flynn’s innate talent for penning richly textured, emotive tunes that are integral by nature and incredibly moving. His music is heartfelt and direct and very easy to fall in love with.' 


‘Mature, elegant and fiercely intelligent pop record. Flynn is, simply put, an amazing songwriter... ****1/2'
Daniel Wynne - Time Off

‘Flynn's clever lyrical structures are second to none. People say they don't write songs like that anymore, but this here is proof that they do.'
Monika Laskowski, dB Magazine

'...All of the ten songs are captivating. This is well worth the effort and more to seek out; it’s just amazing.’

Mark Rasmussen, Media Search

‘..I’ve listened to the Rabbit Hole every day for about 5 weeks… Aussie or not folks this is seriously good stuff.’
Damien Hall - TNT Magazine